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Swatch What Happens

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I will always have a soft spot for Swatch.

I recall the sweet days of the seventh grade when I sported two pastel hued Swatches at the same time paired with black Madonnaesque bracelets piled up high on my opposite wrist. I am not embarrassed by this. I am embarrassed, however, by the fact that my ultimate goal was to sport three Swatch watches per wrist. On each arm.

It's nice to see that unlike other dated fashion trends from the eighties, (rat tails - banana clips - sweaters wrapped around the neck) Swatches have stood their ground and are still as popular today as they were back in the days when I had a mouth full of metal, concave boobs and feathered bangs.

I thank my Mom for not indulging my multiple Swatch watch wishes and telling me that: "Two are more than enough. When I was your age, we only wore one watch."

Even though I already have tons of watches that I adore, I still yearn for the watches of my youth that are cooler and more acceptable than my classic Strawberry Shortcake/Pupcake windup.

Right now I'm in love with these two shiny happy Summer Swatches:


This Rainbow-Brite like Color the Sky Swatch serves up a rainbow of fruit flavored stripes that makes me want to take a running leap onto my neighbors' Slip 'n Slide, while this fem and flowery Spring Touch Swatch reminds me to stop and smell my neighbors' flowers after dominating their kid's Slip 'n Slide. Both are sold for $60 each, *Swatch Guards are sold separately.

Pick up one or pick up both, but do not, I repeat - do not wear them both at the same time.

At least not on my watch.

Comments (5)


The left one is gorgeous. The other one is to bright for my taste




I use to love swatches but they made my wrist sweat


i still have two swatches from when i was young. i still wear them sometimes!



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