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So, I bought a new car. The Fiat 500. From Italy. It's cool.

You probably can't tell by my short and clipped sentence structure, but I'm smiling wider than all get out. This is my most favoritest car that I've ever owned. See? I love my new car so much that my giddy adoration is causing me to make up superlatives that don't exist. Allow me to expand.

In case you haven't heard, the Fiat 500 is a newly designed model of the classic Fiat from the 50's, and it has now officially arrived on North American soil.

A fan of all things nostalgic, I have always been a sucker for those charming little cars seen zipping around in black and white Fellini movies of old. In fact, I saw quite a few in France during my European vacation this past Spring and was green with envy because not only did they have the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre, but they also had the Fiat. And now, I have one of my own.


It makes me feel bella (Italian for beautiful, not the chick from Twilight).
It makes me only want to wear vintage dresses paired with peep toe shoes.
It makes me feel chic.
It makes me feel like eating gelato and biscotti.
It makes me laugh when I think that I own Luigi from the animated Pixar feature, Cars.

Besides the sleek contours, the stylish retro interior and the jacked-up fancy features, I feel like all eyes are on me, both on the road and off. I've had quite a few folks honk their horns at me on the street, exclaiming "What is that?! I didn't know they even made those anymore!"

Yes, I feel like the best dressed girl at the party, and everyone is asking me where I got my gown. It is the most fashionable accessory that I have ever owned, and the most expensive... but at the risk of plagiarizing L'Oréal's famous advertising slogan - "I'm worth it".

FYI, I didn't get the yellow. My Fiat is a lovely shade of pistachio, Verde Chiaro en Italiano.

Scusi, I have to go buy a new headscarf and a pair of Gucci sunglasses to wear in Luigi.

Ciao bellas.

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Love, LOVE, LOVE the car!!! Evvivia!

But I hope you got the white-wall tires because "black-wall tires, they blend into the pavement, but these white-wall tires, they say look at me, here I am, love me."


congratulations sammy!


Totally cool car!

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