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This Earbuds For You

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Ladies and gentlemen, lend me your ears.

If you live anywhere other than Miami and you're cool, this checklist probably pertains to you.

It's cold. Check.
It will be getting colder. Check.
You like to listen to music. Check.
You like to listen to music outside. Check
Your ears get cold. Check.
You like to listen to music and look cute while keeping your ears warm. Check. Check. Check.

Rock out in a chill way while keeping your lobes lukewarm with these AE Earbud Earmuffs for $19.50. They're multi-functional and multi-fabulous available in a wide range of styles, colors and patterns. Choose from solid colored cableknits, intarsia knit, fair isle or furry.

Oh yeah, they have un-pink and un-girlie techsessories for dudes too.

Just don't listen to Ice, Ice Baby, Ice Cube or LL Cool J while wearing them, that would be so cliché.

p.s. I like to listen to music outside while looking cute also, despite being from Miami. It just isn't cold all up in here.


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My niece would love those!

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