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I didn't have a chance to catch the MTV Movie Awards last Sunday night because I had a date with my man and the other love of his life, Game of Thrones.

From what I hear, Russell Brand did a decent job as host, delivering the expected trifecta of Beiber-Kardashian-Charlie Sheen jokes, but we're not here to discuss the performances of flamboyant British comedians.

Here's a quick fashion recap on the clothes:


MTV's Trailblazer Award Winner (and the new Spiderman's real-life girlfriend) Emma Stone looked fab yet again, in a sophisticated yet sculptured black and tan combo made up of a black Origami/Givenchy-like top and a mini ivory bubble skirt. Tres chic Gwen Stacy.

Twilight's best kiss winner for the upteenth year running glittered in a metallic Guishem mini with what appeared to be yellow and purple tentacles creeping over her boobs and midsection. Don't ask me why, but it worked. Next time, brush your hair.

New mom and K-Stew's Snow White & The Huntsman co-star Charlize Theron posed to perfection in peplum, rocking a simply elegant red Lanvin sheath.

I love the acting stylings of Elizabeth Banks, but I hated her Hunger Games getups and hairdon'ts almost as much as I hate this rigid eighties bun and black lacey jumpsuit. You are better than this Ms. Banks, and I wish I could escort you back to the Capitol as District 12 tribute for wearing this "trying way too hard" costume. You're dressing in a spiderweb, leave a message and I'll call you back.

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Kristen looks stoned


I LOVE Emma, she looks the best of them all!

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