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Dear Sammy,

OMG! What does your ring look like!??!!

-Multiple Let'sTalkStyle Readers


Dear Multiple Let'sTalkStyler's who have all been asking me the same question for the past two weeks,

I am back from my 4th of July vacation, and since my new engagement ring seems to be the trending topic in my Ask Sammy inbox, I have decided to address you all in one fell swoop. Here is my ring in all of her sparkling glory. Ain't she grand?

What makes it even better? My fiancé picked it out all.by.himself. In a day and age where more and more future brides-to-be are choosing and/or registering for their own rings, my man took a risk before he took the plunge... and I love him all the more for it. After weeks of studying the 4 c's (cut, color, clarity & carat weight) and trying to decide on the right ring for his Mrs. Right, he trusted his gut and how well he knew his girl, and here we are.


*Allow me to address any dudes that may be reading this. Don't get me wrong guys, I totally get that when it comes to buying engagement rings you probably feel as lost and confused as we girls do when looking under the hoods of our cars or watching an ultimate fighting championship match (he's allowed to hit/choke/kick him there?!) So shopping for a ring together with your woman may seem like your best bet, but here are a few options that won't totally eliminate the element of surprise.

1. Pay attention to her. See what sparklers make her eyes sparkle, whether passing a jewelry shop window display, watching a commercial or reading a magazine. My man remembered the rings I loved/hated during an old season finale of The Bachelorette.

2. Maximize your untapped resources. Get a few hints from her BFF, sister or Mom. They know what she wants.

3. Can't find anything you like? Design your own. Many of the most respected jewelers in the biz make it easy for a dude to create a rockin' rock. Ross-Simons, for instance, can help you design the ring of her dreams in 3 simple steps. They also have plenty of pre-set engagement rings to choose from, including the doppelgänger of my engagement ring pictured above.*

4. If all else fails and you still have absolutely no idea where to start, buy a cheapie cubic zirconia model or even a ring from a cracker jack box, and assure her that after you propose (and she says yes) she can choose her real ring laters.

In summation, if you like it and you wanna put a ring on it, invest a little time and research before you leave it all up to her, because it's the one thing that she is going to wear for the rest of her life. And if it just isn't the ring for her, she might not be the one for you.

Love the Soon to Be Betrothed,


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