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I have another fun-filled fashion week under my belt, and for every set of sensational swimsuits I saw on the runway, I also saw a handful of dreadful fashion week faux pas being committed.

In an effort to help future fashion week attendees from committing the same sad acts, I have comprised a short list of the worst of the worst.

7. Getting drunk. That and not taking advantage of the free h20. It's in coolers everywhere. The volunteers hand them to you before you head into the tents. Drink it. Hydrate. It's free.

6. Showing off every schwag bag you've received thus far. I realize you're very proud of all of the free stuff you scored all week, but it is considered poor form to tote around multiple bags that you did not receive that day. Leave them at home or you'll be mistaken for a homeless Fashion Week bag lady and be asked to leave the premises.

5. Wearing a bra with a backless dress. I snapped this pic of a chic wearing a bra with her slit open back (see visual). This is fashion week people, bring your A game. This dress was obviously not designed to have your bra sticking out of the back. If you're going to do it anyway, at least make it a hot pink or neon hued bra that makes it look purposeful.


4. Bringing a newborn baby to a fashion show. I saw it. It happened. It is loud in the tents, people are pushing and trying to steal one another's seats and bags. Your new bundle of joy doesn't deserve to be stuck in this crazy crib.

3. Squatting front row seats. I had a pair of standing room squatters actually give me the stink eye when I asked them to move away from my ASSIGNED seat so I could sit down. This is not musical chairs. Go stand in your designated standing room area and wait for the chicks in the headsets to give you the green light to take empty seats once the show is about to start.

2. Trying to compete with models (you can't).

1. Being rude to anyone. I overheard one of my former favorite designers being snooty and snippy to a fashion week newbie while standing in line to check in for the Mara Hoffman show. I will now take a stand by never wearing his snooty snippy swimsuits again.

If you don't have anything nice to say Mr. Designer, don't say anything at all.

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