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See ya later applicator?

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Lately I've been beyond picky about my monthly beauty buys, spending more where I need to (regenerative eye cream) and less where I don't (pricey lip balms, Vaseline will do). In an attempt to curb my normal beauty spending, I've been cashing in all of my Ulta coupons, trading in department counter contraband for cheapie, just as effective drugstore finds (hello CoverGirl LashBlast mascara).

Most recently I decided to pass on my favorite liquid eyeliner from Sephora in exchange for Rimmel London's waterproof gel eyeliner for a fraction of the price. The gel was fine, but I hated the applicator that left me with Whatever Happened to Baby Jane style raccoon eyes. I was just about to toss out my old empty eyeliner tube along with my new acquisition, when I had a brilliant idea. I took out my old Sephora applicator, dipped it into the new Rimmel pot and was able to apply my perfectly winged eyeliner to both eyes with ease. Holy beauty breakthrough Batman!*&@$!


Why had I not thought of this before? Hold on to my favorite, more expensive applicators and spend less on product refills. Liquid eyeliner, mascara wands, eyeshadow brushes, the sky's the limit! Just keep them clean with makeup brush cleaners, shampoos and conditioners, and they'll be as good as new. I'm saving money, I'm applying my makeup as per usual, plus I'm reducing, reusing and recycling, like a good eco-centric citizen.

Score one for Sammy, and the environment.

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