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The Dress as Skirt Charade

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A couple of weeks ago I took the first step in maximizing my true wardrobe potential. I had been wanting a new black chiffon skirt to add to my friday date night rotation. Instead of shelling out for a brand new separate, I decided to make use of what I already owned, repurposing one of my favorite little black dresses.

I had seen it all over other blogs and Pinterest, but still couldn't get over the initial fear of trying to pass off a dress as a skirt, worrying that I might come off as an oversized, not as colorful Punky Brewster. Once I threw style caution to the wind, I slipped on my flirty chiffon dress, found a neutral top that cut off at the most flattering point of my hips, slipped it on and voila! A new outfit was born. My husband did a head turn and gave me sexy looks all through dinner, I saved cash, and I no longer have to reserve my favorite dress exclusively for special occasions.

Photo: Konstantina T. of The Serial Klother

Once I realized the promise that all of my other favorite pieces had (dresses, button downs and blouses, oh my), I realized just how much I had been limiting myself and my wardrobe possibilities for the last two decades.

The moral to my story? Don't be afraid to mix it up, layer, and go against the grain. You might create a look that is even better than the original. I know this new discovery is going to save me some serious shopping time...at least until winter.*


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