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Invested in this Fur Trim Vest

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I've always wanted a puffer vest. It is the one seasonal piece that is the epitome of ski slope chic, but being a Miami girl where the climate rarely dips below 65, I could never fully justify spending a fistful of cash on a pricey puffer that didn't even have a pair of arm warming sleevies attached.

Now I have two reasons:

1 - I frequently visit my new extended family who live where it's cold, in the D.
2 - I found the perfect puffer that is priced just right.

Check out this absolutely arctic friendly Fur Trim Vest from the U.S. Polo Association. Featuring a slate gray quilted puffer design up front, all soft knit hooded business in the back with a removable faux trim on the hood for when you're feeling flirty/frisky/woodland animalish, or not.

I can wear it with thinner long sleeved tees, dresses and tights down south, cozy thicker sweaters, flannels, turtlenecks and thermals up north. It's surprisingly warm, incredibly soft, and I can't wait to show it off with jeans, a ribbed beanie and my Scotland honeymoon boots. Best of all? It's on sale for $36.99.

p.s. It also comes in a sweet shade of cream.

You know you want one.


Comments (3)


too cute!


OOoh I like the cream one


Adorable. And I like that the fur can come off for a sportier look.

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