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Hi Sammy,

I found a few cool pencil skirts while thrifting that are way too long. What is the perfect length to get them tailored to?



Hi Lisbeth,

Congrats on your thrifting treasures! Assuming that they're not completely covered with any wackadoo/out there prints, your new pencil skirts should make a fab and long-lasting addition to your wardrobe. Kudos to you for discovering that a tailor and/or sewing machine can be a girl's best friend.

As for the most flattering length, ideally, a pencil skirt should hit just at the top of your knee. Any lower may shorten/stumpify your legs, any longer and you run the risk of total frumpdom.

Hope this helps*



Some skirts for thought:

BB Dakota Yara Pencil Skirt(seen above) - Shopbop, $70
Current/ Elliott Stiletto Pencil Skirt - Madison LosAngeles $218
Women's Eyelet Pencil Skirt - Bealls, $34.80
Sateen Pencil Skirt - Chadwicks of Boston, $14.99

Having a fashion dilemma or crisis?

Need to know what top goes with what bottom?

Don't go it alone. Ask Sammy!

I heart shoes. I love the way they can make me appear ten times taller, i love the way they can make a neutral outfit pop. I especially love the spring collection at Yellow Box Footwear.

Some of my favorites? A sweet minty gold tipped flat for work, a tribal leather wedge for play, cool Mexican inspired coral sandals that take me back to Cozumel the weekend I got engaged, and festival friendly flat suede boots that will go as easily with cutoffs and jeans as they will a maxi skirt or smocked mini dress.

What I heart most about Yellow Box in particular is that although their main office is set in Sunny South Cali, their designs appeal to more than just the quintessential beach girl. Their looks run the gamut from hot and sexy animal prints to not shy neons and rhinestone studded selections that are the prettiest sandals to hit the sand. Plus, their prices are so reasonable that you don't have to feel guilty for buying two pairs...or three... or four.


Taffy Sandal in Coral, $29
Brietta Flat in Sea Green, $45
Pegasus Wedge, $19
Chana Booties in Taupe, $45

Bag your Bling

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Let's Talk Style Quick Tip of the Week

Tired of tarnished jewelry?

Just because it's a little cheaper, doesn't mean your budget jewelry styles have to have a shelf life. Save the 14k gems and jewels for your velvet lined jewelry boxes and store your favorite sterling silver, costume and fashion jewelry in Ziploc bags.

Not only will they help you preserve those trendsetting statement pieces by retaining their luster, but they'll also reduce tarnishes, scratches, and give you a clear view of the contents inside.


Athena Tab Strand - Bauble Bar, $46

The Waiting Game

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So here's the thing. For months I was worried that this little guy was going to arrive too early, and now, precisely one day away from his official due date, I'm worried that he may be settling in for spring with no intention of ever leaving his mom's cool and cozy rent-free womb.

I've been biting my nails on prenatal pins and needles, ready to try any and every all natural labor inducing strategy I can think of that doesn't involve doing handstands or shining a bright 2000 volt flashlight into my vajajay.

Hope your weekend is filled with all of the exciting things you've been patiently awaiting whether it be all day, week, month, or for the past three trimesters.



If this blog has been posted it means that I have officially gone into labor and/or given birth. Yay me!

Although I may be AOML (absent on maternity leave) for a bit, I will still be checking in periodically from time to time with quick tips, Ask Sammy answers and updates on my ventures into the mommy kingdom, all depending on my assessed level of sleep depravation.

Keep checking back, I'll be blogging regularly again before you know it with an entirely new perspective on life, post partum fashion and everything stylish.

Until then-


sammy mom%20blogger.jpg

Nap Time

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Don't mind me, just enjoying life as I explore what it's like to reach the ultimate peak of sleep deprivation.

Usually it's rare for me to succumb to graphic message tees that I feel are generally reserved for the early twenties/teen/Pink collegiate scene, but this night shirt saves me from having to say a word to the mailman, neighbors, or anyone else who is unlucky enough to come by my door at the ungodly hour of 2pm. Just scratch out the word quick in exchange for 12 hour.

I Just Need a Quick Nap Nightdress - Forever21, $10.80 nap%20nightshirt.jpg
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