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Just a quick little post to wish you all a happy weekend. Mommy and baby are doing just fine, if you count no sleep and 8+ poopy diapers a day as just fine.

Despite the round the clock feedings, aversions to the bassinet vs mommy's arms and random fountains of urine streaming in my cornea during diaper changes, I am in love with motherhood and this new little man of mine.

Looking forward to and wishing you a long weekend of cuddling, kisses and all around deliciousness - whatever that entails for you.



All American Apparel

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Even though the 4th of July holiday is weeks and weeks away, I'm longing for it. The hot dogs, the fireworks, and the clothes... there isn't anything that screams summer to me more than a red, white and blue color story.

Taking some inspiration from my son and his never ending stash of onesies, I am loving this carefree onepiece t shirt romper that can be worn solo, over a swimsuit or layered with denim cutoffs and jeans. A star spangled clutch, retro red and white sunglasses and denim Kedlike kicks round out my loves, American style, with all items available at American Apparel.


Stripe T-Shirt Romper, $54
Amanda Sunglasses, $55
Unisex Denim Tennis Shoe, $42

Happy Mother's Day

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The most overused phrase that I heard while pregnant was "Your life will completely change."

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I thought. Obviously it will change. We'll have a little person to take home, feed and care for, duh... but I don't think I ever fully comprehended the magnitude of the statement.

Now I get it.

My life now (at least for the past 3 and a half weeks) has mainly revolved around the basics of feeding, burping, changing and keeping our new arrival clean and outfitted in cute onesies, but that's just the tip of the new infant iceberg. Hours slip by while I watch my little guy sleep. Days dwindle as I try to decipher new facial expressions. 3am night feedings are shared cross referencing babycenter stats to make sure I'm doing everything right.


I finally get it - the way I'll do anything in my power to make him smile/take the pain away, even if it's just a self-inflicted scratch from a super sharp baby nail, a gas bubble, or a frustrating car ride stuck in Miami traffic. From now until he's 18 and/or old and gray, I will do anything for him, because I'm his Mom... and that deserves a Hallmark card more than any other holiday in my book.

Happy Mother's Day to all of the mommies, grandmas, nanas, great grandmas and beautiful bump baring mommy-to-bes out there who well, just get it.


Spring Style Plus

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Do you have any good general style tips for a plus size girl like me (size 12)?



Hi Jennie,

True story - Some weekends ago I showed my husband a photo spread in the March issue of Glamour featuring the gorgeous plus size model, Crystal Renn. His eyebrows raised and he agreed she was ultra-hot. To make a long story short, he couldn't believe that she was considered a "plus sized" model.


So my first style tip, Jennie, is to get in tune with your inner confidence/divaliciousness and know that your body is hot, at any size. It pains me when timid girls who are anything over a size 8 shy away from fun, trendy clothes. You can still embrace all of the trends while showing off your best and biggest assets. Tip #2 is to accent your waist. Even while stuck in maternity land, I always tried to highlight the smallest area of my frame. Trust me, it works.

At this time of year I'm a sucker for a good empire waist maxi dress, no matter what size you are. They are a go to staple for steamy weather, easy to slip on, dress up or dress down.

If you love showing off your arms, a feminine halter dress will show off your cleavage, shoulders and that waist I previously mentioned. As for tops, a proper fitting peplum goes a long way.

Hope this helps Jennie, and remember - the best accessory/staple for a girl of any size is confidence. Best part? - it's free.


Having a fashion dilemma or crisis?

Need to know what top goes with what bottom?

Don't go it alone. Ask Sammy!

DIY Sandals Redux

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Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I celebrated the nuptials as Matron of Honor at my big brother's wedding, enjoyed endless cuddles with my son and got all arts and craftsy making baby handprint/footprint ornaments for Grandma. I'm still on an artsy kick, so here's a fun summer project for DIY pinners, hipsters, crafters and other mommies on maternity leave.

Want to spruce up your old sandals? For a quick and easy revamp, hit up your favorite crafts store and check out the spools of cool ribbon for a chic under $5 footwear fix.

Fold a few 5 inch long strands of ribbon (tribal and stripes are my faves) over the top of your favorite t strap thong sandals. Secure with a thin matching cord where the t strap meets the ankle band for a brand spanking new pair of high fashion flippy floppies.


p.s. This also serves as a great guise if your leather is all scratched and beaten up.

Bamboo Steno Sandals- Shiekh Shoes, $16.99
Ribbons - tambocollection & TheRibbonRetreat via etsy

Happy Memorial Day weekend friends and followers.

I hope you use that extra day off to do something new, amazing and well deserved...in my case it will hopefully involve sleeping.




Lush Lips Seal Kiss

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One post partum beauty grievance that no one warned me about is super dry, cracked peeling lips.

To remedy this and ensure that my pucker is in pristine condition I've been downing plenty of h20 and following this quick tip -

Exfoliate your lips by applying lip balm followed by lightly scrubbing your lips with a toothbrush. Tissue away excess flakes and voila! You'll have a perfect pout in no time.


And/or you can take a shortcut with Lush's yummy Bubblegum Lip Scrub. For $9.95 this tiny jar of sweetness scrubs lips smooth with a tasty blend of moisturizing jojoba oil and exfoliating Fair Trade sugar that will make your lips a clean canvas.

Added bonus? You don't have to tissue the excess off, just lick it off for a tasty all natural treat.

Happy Weekend

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For most of you, this short 4 day work week probably flew by. Mine was a haze of diaper changes, growth spurts and spit up...Yet I'm loving every minute of it.

My little guy is outgrowing his newborn onesies faster than last year's giant hair bow trend came and went, which gives me a chance to indulge in my 2nd favorite pastime next to cuddling Mr. Cutie - shopping.

Although this isn't a 3 day weekend coming up, I hope you all enjoy exploring new things, tasting new foods/drinks, embarking on new experiences and buying new clothes - whether you've outgrown your old ones or not.


Image via: Just Another Fashion Blog
Photo by Marcel: OneDapperStreet.com

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